During the years of His public ministry, Jesus unquestionably demonstrated that it was God’s will to heal the sick. Jesus taught His disciples to heal and move in the miraculous, and now His Word teaches the Church today how to continue in this important aspect of the ministry — Healings and Miracles. Since Ephesians 5:1 commands us to imitate God, we need to look to the Word of God, not man, as our guide.

Praying for the sick since 1977, I have seen many healings and miracles. I have witnessed healings by the ‘Gifts of Healing” and by “Standing in Faith”. One of the most important concepts a child of God can grasp is the difference between the “Gifts of Healing” and “Standing in Faith.” Since the Gifts of the Spirit are appropriated as the Holy Spirit wills, their operations cannot be taught. On the other hand, healing by faith requires instruction, patience and endurance. I have seen cancer healed instantly, while another person takes several years of medical treatment for healing. The end result is the same: Healing! I have friends who are missing limbs from war injuries, but are in good health. Although they are still missing limbs, they are fully capable of serving God and bearing fruit for the Kingdom. Every person on the face of the earth is fighting sickness, disease, or some limitation, as there is no “perfectly healed person.” As children of God, we must learn how to walk through life experiencing the “continual healing” that is part of our covenant with God. We experience this victory only by correctly using and accurately handling the scriptures.

This teaching explains God’s will concerning healing and miracles and how to appropriate this wonderful gift of God. Follow the scriptures and let the Holy Spirit reveal His will concerning this gift of grace from our Heavenly Father. This message will be available in book form approximately February 2014

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