Pastor Patrick Markley’s signature work is titled “Praying the Prayer of Faith”. This life changing study has been published and is now available. Books can be ordered here:
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The eBook version is also available:
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The following is an excerpt from the introduction by Pastor Patrick Markley:

In October 1996 my wife and I had just gone through ten years of trial in our ministry. The last five years of that ordeal (1991-1996) were the toughest. We were determined to learn how to live by faith in the Power of God’s Word, and we, especially I, had to renew our thinking in some areas to learn to think God’s way.

The Lord has shown us how to apply His power not only in finances, but also in our marriages, families, businesses, with unsaved loved ones and many other areas. This paper is the culmination of many years of prayer, trial and error, and successes and failures of our application of the wisdom that God has given to us. It is not something we read in a book once and then pass it on to you. It has been applied by literally thousands and there have been some incredible results. This teaching is by no means perfect or finished, yet we still see God do some wonderful things for His people through this teaching.



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